Need DBA support

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We own Java 149, and as a member of the Downtown Business Association, I would like to propose another topic that I believe is being overlooked and forgotten by many in our community.

Securtity downtown, especially at night, is a major issue. With the holiday season approaching, I really think we should be spending our money more wisely. Putting money into lighting up our buildings before

investing money in adequate police protection for our patrons, employees, and loved ones seems irresponsible.


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In brief,

our home was invaded on Halloween. We live in Olde Towne, only five houses off of Main Street.

The suspect, after being told to stay away from our shop, showed up while I was meeting with the detective on Market Street.

My wife called the police, was put on hold 3 times, and officers took 30 minutes to respond to the call. Upon arriving, they were unprofessional and indifferent to a situation that could have turned into something I’d rather not imagine.

With that level of response to potentially dangerous situations in our community, to speak of buying lights instead of police does not make me feel safe.

I will and have addressed this with city officials.

The support of the DBA would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Jones