The News-Herald is making some changes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 14, 2006

At a recent city council meeting, a gentleman walked to the podium and announced that he and a number of concerned citizens were declaring the newly-elected council members’ &uot;honeymoon&uot; almost over. He and his cohorts were ready for some promised change.

As I sat there wondering how the new council members felt, I wondered also how long it would be before someone came to my office and said: &uot;OK, publisher, your honeymoon is over. We are ready for some change. We want some results.&uot;

Thankfully, I didn’t get this position through campaign promises. I’d like to think it happened by surrounding myself with folks a lot smarter than I, who knew how to publish a good community newspaper day in and day out. I’d like to think I have those same kinds of folks here at the News-Herald who have been doing this for a long time and can help me along the way.


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With that said, and before you begin organizing a movement to storm my office, I want to share some things on which we are working.

News on cycle

Beginning a few weeks ago, we committed to publish news on cycle. That means night news and sports are published in the next morning’s newspaper. For example, if your son’s football team plays on Friday night, we will have a story in Saturday’s newspaper.

Likewise, an important city government meeting that occurs in the evening will be reported in the next day’s newspaper. No more waiting until Friday to see what happened at Wednesday night’s city council meeting; it will be there for you on Thursday morning as you have your cup of java.

From now on, if you come across an accident on your way home from work, you’ll likely find out what happened in the next day’s News-Herald. Our goal is to get today’s news in tomorrow’s newspaper.

A few new features

Beginning last week, you may have noticed the first of many new features in the News-Herald. Every Sunday forth, you will be able to read a &uot;Sunday Focus&uot; — a news package about something important to you that is written in more depth than usual, with a comprehensive look at whatever the story is and what it means to you.

Beginning last Wednesday, you saw another first feature – &uot;Volunteer of the Week.&uot; There are so many people in Suffolk who volunteer their time. We wanted to find a way to brag about them all. Each Wednesday you’ll read about someone you know who contributes their time and efforts to this community.

These are just a few things we are doing that will be evident in the coming weeks. There will be more changes to come — and attempts to improve what we are already doing. Hopefully, these will be pleasant, welcome changes. If you have suggestions for what we ought to be doing, including story ideas, feel free to let me know.

Lindsey is the publisher of the Suffolk News-Herald. Contact him at, or call 934-9611.