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Pray for the safety of our military

Listening to comments and commercials about the candidates for senatorial positions has given me something else to think about!

I heard on the ABC news (recently) that 100 U.S soldiers have been killed in Iraq in one month.

I do not condone anyone being killed, any where, any time, however, if most of the complainers would just stop and think where Americans might be today had there not been military involvement in all the wars abroad in my lifetime, they may be less prone to complain!

Would any of us be better financially; would we even be living; would we be able to maintain our homes, cook good nourishing food, enjoy the comforts of air conditioning and heat, being able to get into our automobiles and travel as we need or wish to, pick up a telephone and talk to our loved ones in other states, or other countries; would we be able to worship as we please, the one true God?

I lost two loved ones, very likely due to the &uot;fallout&uot; of World War II.

My late husband, Russell Land Garner, and his brother, Benjamin Ocie Garner, were both in the clean-up operations of WWII.

They both died of cancer when they were in their 50s.

These two men were not the only ones possibly who lost their lives during war &uot;games&uot; as they have been called by others.

Now, once again I

ask those of you who think Americans need to sit back and allow the fighting to come into our country????

When we hear the news about murders in the United States, I often wonder how many of these murders were the result of drugs?

Undisciplined people?


a combination along with cults and persons who wish to overthrow our form of government?

Think about it

folks! The life that our Military men and women are living and working, whereever they are, are in jeopardy if Americans don’t begin to be grateful

and pray for safety

and that they will soon return home to be with their loved ones.

Mary Grace Garner-Atkins