Texas reader/writer offers counterpoint

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 17, 2006

I would like to counterpoint the remarks of Judith Sharpe, who openly criticized my column regarding the left selling out Israel.

However, I would like to expand on the topic to include presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Hillary and (Sen.) Nancy (Pelosi) will be a great team if Hillary were to win in 2008. Hillary will be the leading liberal from the left to win the White House.

Before Hillary became a candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York, her highness did the following:


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Justified attacks upon Israeli citizens by Hamas and other Arab terrorist.

Before becoming a candidate she chaired an Arab committee which held a reception for all ambassadors accredited to the U.S and stated she found no fault with the exclusion of Israel from that reception.

Before she ran for the Senate, Hillary kissed and embraced Mrs. Suha Arafat, when that woman received the Nazi canard that the Jews were poisoning the drinking water. This was applauded with great vigor by the secretary general of the Arab League, Esmat Abdul Meguid. As a reward for her efforts on behalf of the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, the United Arab Emirates gave Hillary a prize on May 12, 1998. That, of course, was before she became a candidate for the Senate seat from New York.

Of course Hillary is not only a friend of the Arab enemies of the Jewish people. She also considers Al Sharpton her friend.

Mrs. Sharpe, do I need to remind you of what the “Rev. Al” thinks of the Jewish people?

Do you really want an opportunist in the White House who has a long history of anti-Jewish conduct?

Mrs. Sharpe, do you really think that Hillary is a friend of Israel? I stand by my comments that she will dump the Jewish people, the Jewish vote and Israel. When you look at her and

Slick Willie’s history, she won’t need the Jewish vote in 2008. She already has the Arab vote.

A.C. Volper