Charlie Rangel, the socialist patriot

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Charlie Rangel

Once again we see this Congressman of 34 years has been and is the perfect socialist. Just what we need.

He’s not just content with equal opportunity; he wants equal outcome. Maybe 30-40 years ago equal opportunity was not available, but today, opportunities are pretty much equal across the board. The military provided that for many back then, and it does today.

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But Charlie would like to see equal outcome delivered at the lowest common denominator, regardless of how individuals take advantage of their equal opportunities. Rangel cannot understand that there are those amongst us who wouldn’t know a opportunity if it came up and slapped them against their head. But Charlie would thrust those who can come into the same cesspool as those who cannot, just to “equalize” everyone. Therefore, he thinks the draft would accommodate his agenda.

This congressman, who has been stealing Washington, D. C. oxygen for 34 years, thinks that if some poor black or redneck white joins the military, it is because they have no other opportunities. In his feeble mind, a draft would include sons/daughters of uppity elite class member, too. This way they all can get killed equally.

Charlie hasn’t figured out that those who can seize opportunity and make it work for them, and those who cannot, will never achieve that which those who can are able to. And Charlie can’t stand that. After all, it would not be equal outcome. And equal outcome is the socialist, progressive way that is right, isn’t it?

Remember that Hillary is on the record along with Rangel as for a draft that includes women. But not all of the draftees would have to go into the military either. There would be other things they could do — like work port security, or maybe picking up trash in national parks. I hear and see the following with that — forced labor battalions, in plain English

These people are communists. They are not interested in a military that is an actual fighting force. They are interested in a military that is a jobs project. If you join, you are too stupid and uneducated, but that is OK. Trust us; we can provide jobs in the military, but we must draft you for you to be able to serve.

How and where did Charlie come from? He joined the military, served his country well, and with honor. Did Charlie join, or was he drafted? To me it makes no difference; he used the military to advance himself and take what opportunities that were for the taking.

Its clear to me that Charlie wasn’t uneducated or stupid at that time and he became what — a congressman? So much for being stupid and uneducated, huh? But then again, looking at Charlie and his agenda, I question the terms stupid and uneducated.

The left thinks that the military are “victims and bullies.” The left cannot imagine that the troops believe in what they are doing and that their service is noble and good.

The young people who volunteered and serve understand that the military isn’t for everybody, and so they step forward so that others aren’t forced to do so. What do these young people get in return? The Rangels, Clintons, Murthas and the Kerrys, along with insults and ingratitude from the left.

Looking at Charlie’s bio shows his military background, but there is nothing else there. He has been a congressman for 34 years. What has he done to help his district, Harlem and Queens, besides giving them more welfare? His constituents have not gained any ground on the jobs and education level. Remember the point on opportunities such as the military.

The question I ask is “What do you think of when Harlem is mentioned? The Heritage Foundation report shows that military recruits mirror the U.S. population, and it shows that the military is solidly middle class families, rather than poorer or wealthier ones. Patterns in recent years reinforce this trend, showing a slight dip in recruits from lower socio-economic groups and a slight increase from upper-class groups. Inner cities are actually the most under-represented area among new recruits.

Per the Department of Defense figures, you see whites seeking more skilled positions in the military, such as Special Operations, Special Forces, Ranger type units, where the blacks are seeking positions as truck drivers, food service and other such skilled jobs. The reenlistment level for these groups show that the higher-skilled members’ reenlistment rates are higher than those of the lower-skilled members. But don’t forget, the military is only for the stupid and uneducated who volunteer. But if you believe in Charlie and the draft, it makes it all equal.

The Heritage Foundation shows that the only groups “underrepresented” in the military are the very poor (Mr. Rangel’s Harlem voters and the very rich.(Hollywood anyone?)

Until Kerry and Murtha release their DD180’s and DD214’s, they should shut the hell up and stop demeaning the military volunteers.

Until the likes of the Rangels, the Clintons, and the rest of the liberal left get away from their socialist agenda, I suggest that Rangel look in the mirror to see what any dumb idiot can achieve in the service to this country

He became a congressman and he can look across the Rotunda, he can see John “D student” Kerry.

Charlie, Hillary, both Johns and the rest of the liberal left, why not take a step back and observe the overall brilliance of the youth in our military? It is totally inspiring to me; they are the cream of the crop of our society and they are the ones who make this country the greatest in the world. Whereas, you idiots can only attempt to tear it down.

Volper is a former Suffolk resident who now resides in Houston. Contact him at