From Black Friday to Blue Monday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Call me unique or crazy, but I’m one of those very rare women who doesn’t like shopping for anything. This is a good thing when days like Black Friday arrive.

If I desire or need an item, I would rather pay the full price for it than to be stomped on and pushed shopping like people were on frenzy Friday.

The National Retail Federation reported that the average shopper would spend $800 this Christmas, the strongest spending forecast in years. In addition, high on the list are electronic items and toys. However, did you know that that famous Cabbage Patch doll that was so popular about two decades ago is out again this year? Also, a camera, that in my opinion is stupid because it makes you look 10 pounds thinner, is also a favorite item.


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Chances are you experienced a blue Monday if you bought that camera on Black Friday, took and developed pictures of yourself during the weekend, and looked into a body length mirror soon after and found that those pictures were very deceiving.

Pay attention to traffic

pattern and other motorists

The holiday traffic to the Post Office on North Main Street is beginning to increase, and so are a couple of traffic problems. Some motorists are not paying attention to the traffic pattern or other motorists wishing to enter the parking lot.

Twice in two weeks I almost ran head-on into a motorist entering the exit; and a motorist wishing to mail a letter or letters in the outside mailbox held up traffic for at least five minutes because no one was able to get around him. Therefore, I say if you desire to use these boxes on the outside, take the advice of a Hallmark card.

Care enough to send the very best, but do it very quickly to keep traffic moving.

Why not add a little intrigue

in your life during the holidays

I have been following the career of Michael Carson ever since he was a

band instructor and director of the band at Nansemond River High School from 1990-99. He held that same position at the former John Yeates High School from 1982-90, and is still holding that position at Western Branch Middle School in Chesapeake. He is also the manager of a quartet called N-Tregue, and one of my best friends; and I have traveled to other cities in Virginia just to see his quartet perform.

This multi-talented man plays the flute, alto and soprano saxophones and keyboard.

He founded N-Tregue in 1994 using an easy listening, smooth, contemporary-jazz format and expanded to a dance repertoire of oldies, Pop, R&B, Motown, Rock & Roll and line dance music.

Other performers include Carol Shaw, lead singer; Michael Robinson, guitar; and Geoffrey Outlaw on drums.

The quartet offers packages ranging from a solo performance to a duet, trio or the full quarter, and performs for parties, dances, receptions and lounges. They have been performing at the Main Street Jazz Restaurant for Sassy Sunday since October.

They will be performing at the club again from Friday, Dec. 1 through Sunday Dec. 3.

If you want to live a life full of intrigue during the holidays, then this group is one to include in your plans.

Wall is a former News-Herald reporter and regular contributor to the Town Square Page.