The joke was on us

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I just love taking bus trips to fellowship and to have fun. Saturday I took one to Charles Town, W. Va., with about 44 people.

We left Suffolk at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and returned at midnight.

On the way to our destination, we saw movies, listened to music and laughed at the jokes of a man who could have made Jay Leno take a back seat.


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On the way home we saw one movie and then most people slept. After we had been riding for about three hours, the bus driver decided to make a rest stop and restroom break. The majority of us were asleep when he

stopped for the break; therefore, we were unaware exactly where we were.

We began to get up out of our seats and out of the bus. As we did, some of us slowed up and looked around. There were gigantic big wheelers everywhere. We began to walk toward what I counted as 22 portable potties and the women slowed down in shock. Evidently, some of the men had ventured off to find better accommodations. I began to hear statements like, “I hope that the bus driver didn’t expect us to use these things,” or “I’ll just wait until I get home or back on the bus.”

I began to turn and walk back toward the bus, away from those refrigerator looking monstrosities and as I did, I heard a male voice call out. It came from path a few feet behind those potties saying that there were better bathroom accommodations in that area.

We followed the voice of one of our male riders and found out that the driver had parked in the back of a major highway rest stop that included excellent bathroom facilities instead of a secluded truck stop as we had previously thought.

We also found out that those potties were for truckers making stops, but the bus had to park in that area.

The joke was on us and we didn’t need to hear the jokes of our previous jokester.

After we got back on the bus, we couldn’t help but laugh at the expressions on some of the faces and the statements that some of us had made about those potties the remainder of the trip home.

Right quote attributed

to wrong person

The article that ran on Oct. 31 titled, “Half a century of friendship” ended in a quote that was made by Anne Cokes instead of Eleanor Jack. That quote was as follows:

“We are 50 years and still counting, Memories flood our minds, hugs embrace us, and laughter and smiles adorn our faces, We, the Class of 1956, hold the Booker T. Washington High School of yesteryear dear to our hearts.”

Jack did an artistic and excellent job with nametags and the program bulletins and included this statement that Cokes had made to her at the end of the program agenda.

I liked it for an ending and included it in my article.

Both women live out of town, so I learned about the error last Saturday.

My intent when publishing an article is to make everyone involved in it happy and satisfied, so I hope this action will suffice.

Since we are on the subject, I would like to thank Jack for the

nametag that she made for me while covering the event. I will cherish it and use it to identify myself whenever I cover future events.

Wall is a former News-Herald writer and regular contributor to the Town Squard page.