City worker locates missing woman

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 30, 2006

A potentially tragic event that occurred in Suffolk early Wednesday morning had a happy ending.

Mamie Morris, 75, left her residence in the 800 block of Second Avenue between 2-3 a.m. Wednesday. She was found about 7 a.m., when Dispatcher Sandy Jackson, of the Suffolk Police Department, located her on her way home from her job.

“I was working when the call came in,” Jackson said. “We were calling the hospitals and the neighboring cities, so I knew the description (of the woman).

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“I was thinking, hmm, I wonder if I should drive around in the area and see if I can find her,” she said. “I was looking down the side streets and stuff.”

Jackson, who has been with the police department for about two years, said she came over the Pinner Street bridge on her way home, and saw a woman walking.

“She had on a two-tone jacket, and that’s the description we had,” she said. “I pulled over and asked if it was her and she said ‘yes.’”

Jackson then put Morris in her car and took her to her family.

“I told her her family was worried about her,” she said.

At work, Jackson said, “We’re in a room with no windows, so I didn’t know what the weather was like.

“I was just glad she hadn’t been suffering in the cold, that it wasn’t raining.”