Tax is unfair to many in the city

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 9, 2006

This last Sunday morning reminds me of the new monthly $3.95 stormwater tax.

We who live in the Whaleyville and Holy Neck areas of the city are being taxed because rain water fell and will run off land that it has for millions of years.

The past city council and city management never missed a chance to add another tax on us, or to raise our property taxes.


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This new city council should revisit this tax, and we who live in the old Nansemond County and agricultural areas, without large, paved areas, without curbs, gutters, parking lots and sidewalks, and only have open ditches, should be excluded from this new tax.

We with open land, vegetation and trees are in fact cleaning up the rain water that runs off and should be compensated.

William H. Harward