So many behind the scenes deserve recognition

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Make a donation to the Cheer Fund, which goes to support the area’s Toys-for-Tots campaign, and everybody knows about it.

Not only does the News-Herald print the names of those who donate, but we also take photographs of those wishing to have that additional recognition.

But there are many people behind the scenes, those you would never know about if we didn’t mention them, who are just as important to the program as the ones who donate the money and toys.

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One of those is Roy Black … or should we say two of those … not wanting to forget the contributions of his wife Janice.

Each year the Blacks, owners of Interstate Aution of Virginia, hold a Christmas gala. Hundreds of people attend, getting through the door with their personal invitation and a new toy for Toys-for-Tots.

This year’s event was held Saturday at the National Guard Armory.

Like years past, it drew hundreds of people, and even more importantly, hundreds of toys. Some people dropped off toys and didn’t stay for the party. As of Monday, once all the toys were collected and stored in the office of Sheriff Raleigh H. Isaacs Sr., it was estimated that between 600 and 650 items had been donated.

There were dolls, games, trucks and cars, bicycles and so much more.

Those toys were later collected by John Woleben and his folks from Toys-for-Tots and added to their growing collection. They will be distributed later this month to hundreds of boys and girls around the city who otherwise would not have any Christmas at all.

Roy and Janice, although they would probably say otherwise, are the heart and sole of this annual party and toy collection. Yes, there are others, many others, who work behind the scenes to make it all happen, but without the Blacks, there would probably be no event at all.

We just thought you would like to know about these wonderful people and the good things they are doing for our community.