Suffolk has excellent medical-care facilities

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It is well known that most letters to the editor are penned to complain about or criticize someone or something. This is different.

Recently, it was necessary for me to spend time in a hospital, and later, a few days in a nursing home.

No one enjoys being in these places, but if you have to be,


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Suffolk has the best.

I was sent to the emergency room at Sentara Obici Hospital, then transferred to Urgent Care, then to a regular room. During my stay in these accommodations, I received as good, or better, care than I have in any hospital.

The people who attended to me were professional, compassionate and thorough in the treatment necessary for my recovery. I am especially thankful for the treatment and attention of Drs. Jeffery Forman, Habib Barakat and Joseph Verdirame. They got me through this time.

After the hospital stay, it was necessary for me to enter a nursing home for therapy and recovery before returning home.

I was sent to Nansemond Pointe Healthcare Center for a few days. Just before entering that facility, I had read an article in a national magazine about all of the things going wrong in nursing homes. I was apprehensive, to say the least, about being in a facility such as that.

Because of the article, I was alert to the negative things mentioned. I need not have been.

At Nansemond Pointe, all of the people I was involved with demonstrated positive attitudes and professionalism in their care and attention. And the food was good.

I am thankful to all those who attended my needs and to David M. O’Brien, whose leadership is reflected in the people who work for him.

I hope that none of you needs a hospital or nursing home stay, but if you do, Suffolk is the place to be.

All of the citizens of Suffolk can be proud of the medical care and facilities available right here in our home town.

N. Macon Sanford