News-Herald launches new Web site

Published 9:18 pm Monday, September 8, 2008

There will be a new way to access the city’s latest breaking news and information.

The Suffolk News-Herald launched its new Web site on Sunday. Keeping the same Web address, the site boasts a new layout, new photos and never before used features.

To make the site possible, the News-Herald purchases a new software program that allows staff to have complete control over the site as opposed to outsourcing the technology to other businesses.


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This means a radical change in both Web site policy and philosophy.

Breaking news will hit the Web faster and more efficiently, and will be easier to find in the new layout.

But, breaking news won’t be the only plus for web browsers.

In the new layout, schools will be their own features.

Want to track your favorite high school football team all season long, or find out the latest news from your child’s school?

Click on the school’s logo box and find all of the articles regarding that school at just the click of your mouse.

Also available on the new site will be online registers for readers to submit letters to the editor, wedding and birth announcements, story ideas for reporters or delivery concerns via the customer service feature.

“With more than 84,000 unique viewers each month, we think this new and improved Web site will help further establish us as Suffolk’s online community news source,” Jesse Lindsey, publisher of the News-Herald, said.

Lindsey added that the biggest and most exciting feature difference from the old site to the new is the Suffolk Seen feature. This feature will allow members from the community to upload their pictures from parties, events and around town to the Web site. Joined on the site will be pictures taken at some of the city’s biggest events by the News-Herald’s own staff photographers.

In a culture where social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook have become commonplace, Lindsey feels this new attraction will give the city of Suffolk a greater insight into the day-in-and-day-out activities of its citizens.

“It creates a place for our readers to interact with each other, and share the images of the stories of their lives,” he said.

Lindsey also advises that since going live two days ago, staff has found and is working on kinks in the system. He appreciates any feedback the public will have as they peruse the site, and to let the office know.

“Although we launched it Sunday, we’re still trying to fix some of the bugs,” he said. “Please bear with us as we work it out. In the meantime, we want to hear what you think, and what our readers think.”

To see the new layout, log online to