Obama can rebuild middle class

Published 8:09 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John McCain is divorced from the economic reality of hard-working Americans. By repeating that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong,” McCain is driving home just how far removed from middle-class voters he really is. He is so out-of-touch Bush-McCain economics have hurt American families. And John McCain and his team of lobbyist-advisers are threatening to deliver just more of the same.

McCain’s advisers helped make this economic meltdown possible. Phil Gramm, who pushed legislation that allowed the investment and mortgage crises to spiral out of control, has been McCain’s right-hand man on economic policies throughout his campaign. He made headlines by calling America “a nation of whiners,” while claiming that the current crisis is simply “a mental recession.”

Barack Obama’s solutions will help rebuild the middle class. Barack will put the middle class first. He’ll pass a middle class tax cut that gives 95% of working Americans a tax cut of up to $1,000. By cracking down on predatory lenders and punishing corporations who send American jobs overseas, Barack Obama and Joe Biden can help create the change American families need.

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