Supporting Byrum for school board

Published 10:05 pm Friday, September 19, 2008

This letter is written in support of Mrs. Phyllis Collier Byrum, a candidate for the Suffolk School Board representing the Whaleyville Borough. She is a life-long resident of Suffolk and a product of our local public school system. Her teaching career has spanned 30 years – all of those dedicated to our local public school system. Mrs. Byrum has worked tirelessly to provide the best possible educational environment through her classroom to countless students, many with whom she still comes in contact through their various careers locally.

Mrs. Byrum strongly believes in providing the best possible education for our children who are indeed the leaders of tomorrow. She has been a positive role model to the children who have come through her classroom. In addition to the social science and government courses, she has taught the value of leadership, community service, character, and citizenship. Her interest in and heartfelt concern for each of her students illustrates her belief that everyone deserves the right to every possible opportunity in life.

The leadership qualities and the spirit of community dedication that Mrs. Byrum exhibits has been witnessed firsthand through association with her in the Whaleyville Ruritan Club. She listens to the ideas of others and is open-minded. She has served our organization well and will be our president next year.

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Mrs. Byrum will bring a great deal of knowledge to the table, and will be viewed as a trailblazer in leadership by giving direction to future educational endeavors directed by the Suffolk School Board. The qualifications of Mrs. Phyllis Byrum with respect to her life’s work warrant consideration. We feel that she will be a capable, dedicated, and well-respected board member. She has our support and vote in her campaign for the Suffolk School Board representing the Whaleyville Borough.