Trash can problem

Published 8:54 pm Saturday, September 20, 2008

The City Council has wrestled with a trash can problem that could be simply solved by just directing staff to start giving trash cans to all tax paying Suffolk residents of the rural areas. The solution of what to do with 500 trash cans now on hand and 1,000 on order would be to put one man in a truck full of cans and deliver on to each mail box.

I’d like to suggest he start on the south end of Manning Road and head north. That would solve my neighbors’ and my trash can problem. We in the rural areas of the city pay taxes just like the more urban areas of the city. The west side of Manning Road is in the Holy Neck Borough and the east side is in Whaleyville.

This should allow two council members to take credit for doing something for their voters. Please do not hire a consultant or write up a lengthy plan that will only waste time and money.

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