Helping mutts strut

Published 8:55 pm Monday, September 22, 2008

This Sunday at the first annual Mutt Strut, I had a great time meeting and talking to the dog owners of Hampton Roads. Many of them were shocked to find that yes, you can adjust the spine of a dog and it is amazingly beneficial.

Fact No. 1, Dogs have spines.

Fact No. 2, Stress effects a dogs and humans in a similar way. In fact, if you boil it down to common processes within all animals, you can see how from one cell up to a complex form like a dog or human, our nervous system does the same basic six things. Each of these processes is done behind the scenes without conscious thought. That’s actually a really good thing because having to think about keeping your heart beating would get old in a hurry.

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These six processes are:

Glandular – Making of chemicals and regulating of those chemicals throughout the body.

Eliminative – Getting the junk (waste products) out of our cells/body.

Nervous – Communication from the outside and passing information throughout the body.

Digestive – Taking in and processing of nutrients.

Muscular – Changing shape and moving.

Circulatory – Moving fluids through the organism. In the cell most of this is coordinated by the membrane. For complex animals we have brain centers that control and coordinate all these functions. In zone healing we call those brain centers “zones” and they are what we focus on.

When we determine what “zone” has been disturbed, we can stimulate the spine which stimulates the brain. The only other way to stimulate the brain is a procedure called shock therapy and most of us should avoid this procedure. When the brain gets this “jumpstart” of neurological energy, it can then send our messages that are loud and clear to all the organs and tissues it supports.

Chiropractic zone healing can help you live a healthier, stress-free life. Stress puts pressure on the nervous system and negatively affects the signals traveling along the nerves. Zone treatments release stress in the system and act as a “reboot” for the whole nervous system. As the body handles stress more effectively, then the person is free to heal.