Writer wants Debranski as next mayor

Published 9:01 pm Monday, September 22, 2008

Unfortunately, in today’s political arena, we find many individuals who seem to have their own interests at heart and fail to realize their responsibility to do what is best for the community and the citizenry at large. How rare it is to find a candidate you can trust and who will be able to look in the mirror after a crucial vote and say he/she voted his/her beliefs and did what he/she thought was best for the community.

I believe we have such a person running for Mayor in the City of Suffolk, and I felt it my responsibility to let the citizens of Suffolk know why I feel this way. It has been my good fortune to call Mike Debranski my friend for about 40 years. We have worked together in several capacities. We coached both football and track together and were fellow administrators in the Suffolk Public School System, working together as a team at Booker T. Washington Middle School. Through our working relationship, we developed a friendship which has allowed us to hunt, fish, and compete in tennis and golf for many years.

In all my years of knowing Mike, I can truthfully say he is a man of integrity. In all situations, whether dealing with students, parents, athletes, colleagues, and/or friends, he always treated everyone with the utmost respect and was sure to treat each individual fairly and equitably. Mike, through his vast public school experiences, has worked cooperatively with diverse communities and knows that open dialogue is the best way to resolve issues. Also, if Mike makes a promise, you can be assured that he will follow through on his commitment.

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It is my personal opinion Mike will be the type of Mayor to whom the citizens of Suffolk can talk. They can expect him to be true to his word and know that he will lead using a common-sense approach. Mike has always set high standards not only for himself but also for those who worked with him. Notice, I use the words “worked with him.” Mike’s leadership style has always demanded open communication, a work “with and together” attitude, and he has not allowed whatever position of authority he has had to stifle anyone on his team by micro-managing.

For the above reasons, I ask you to vote for Mike Debranski as the next mayor of Suffolk. He has demonstrated his ability to lead in many situations and is the one candidate who will, through honest and open communication with the community, help bring out the very best Suffolk has to offer.

William N. (Billy) Hill