Call in now

Published 10:28 pm Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday night I was running early to a youth group meeting at my church.

I decided to pull into a store, grab a drink and listen to my radio instead of walking aimlessly around the church halls like a weirdo for 15 minutes.

As I was changing stations listening for a good song to jam out to…in a parking lot…I hear the deejay of the station I had just turned to give the station’s phone number and ask listeners to call in to win.

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Having no clue what the prize was, but having nothing else better to do, I reach for my cell and call in.

Oh yes, I was Caller Number Nine.

With still no clue as to what I have just won, I’m imagining myself getting great concert tickets, a new CD or maybe even a chance to meet some famous singer.

Instead, I was informed I was the proud new owner of a family four-pack of tickets to go see Disney On Ice at the Hampton Coliseum next month.

If only I were still 6 years old.

While there was a momentary disappointment, I still figure it’s awesome I got free tickets to something. So, I made a couple of calls and some friends and I have planned accordingly to go…why not?

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about randomly winning.

Flash forward to Wednesday night.

My mom stopped by my house to drop off a muffin pan I needed, and, you know, just check in. After a little while, she leaves. Not five minutes after she walks out the door, my phone rings. It’s her. She says I’m never going to believe it, but she was sitting at the traffic light listening to a radio show and the deejay told listeners to call in to be winner.

With nothing else better to do (and encouraged by my success Sunday night), Mom grabs her cell, calls in and wins!

And, her haul was way better than mine. Mom won a free hotel stay in Las Vegas for three days and two nights.

Whatever. Will Tinkerbell and the cast of “Cars” be at her hotel? I doubt it.

Anyway, according to my calculations my brother and father have only three more days to capitalize on the week-long-Wicks-radio-call-in-streak.

I mean, who knows what they could win.

First Disney On Ice, then Las Vegas, I like those odds…