Can any of us remember being young?

Published 12:06 am Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can we remember having a home family, school age children, wanting the very best for them; Working hard to support our families on our salaries, attending PTA and civic meetings to air our opinions as to what we want in or out of our neighborhoods and communities.

Can you remember a child’s cry when his or her bike has been stolen out of the driveway?

Can you remember an old couple’s home having been broken into?

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Can you remember turning on the porch light to make sure your family enters without harm?

The list goes on and on……

Mr. Jay Quigley does and so do I. These things exist today.

Don’t know Mr. Quigley? Someone close to you has a flyer.

He is running for city council, Whaleyville Borough.

Mr. Quigley, it is my privilege to say you have my vote.