Teacher assistant charged with binding, threatening her children

Published 1:04 pm Monday, October 6, 2008

Suffolk Police have charged a 25 year-old mother, who is a teacher assistant at Elephant’s Fork Elementary School, for binding her children with duct tape and threatening to kill them, according to a press release.

Police said that on Oct. 5, they received information from a friend of Takiyah Wright, who said Wright had left phone messages and sent text messages indicating that she was going to kill her children and dispose of their bodies in a garbage bag. The friend could hear Wright screaming at her children, ages three and one.

Wright also sent photos of the children to the friend’s cell phone. In the photos, the children’s hands were bound and their mouths covered with duct tape.

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Police responded to Wright’s residence in the 600 block of Hillpoint Boulevard.

The children were found to be uninjured.

Investigation led to Wright being charged with two felony counts of abuse and neglect of children. She was taken to Western Tidewater Regional Jail where a $10,000 bond was set. Additional charges are being explored with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. Detective David Wellford is the lead investigator. The Department of Child Protective Services was notified and is conducting a parallel investigation. Child Protective Services removed the children from the residence at the time of the incident.

Suffolk Public Schools confirm that Ms. Wright is employed as a teacher assistant at Elephant’s Fork Elementary School. At the time she was hired in September of 2007, a successful background check was completed and she has had exemplary evaluations. As a result of this morning’s arrest, Wright has been removed from all school responsibilities and placed on administrative leave without pay. Her salary will be held in escrow until the case is resolved, per school regulations.