Johnson is ‘all about the people’

Published 8:55 pm Saturday, October 11, 2008

In the past two years our city has gone through some difficult, yet badly needed, changes. The upheaval caused by the exit of certain city staff members, whether voluntarily or otherwise, allowed the appointment of members who are dedicated to building up our city coffers and bringing about changes that will benefit our city.

It was Mayor Linda Johnson who opened our eyes to the sorry state of the Suffolk’s budget and steered us in the right direction to implement the changes needed to bring our city to financial stability and accountability.

When the tornado struck, Linda Johnson was at the site helping the disaster victims for days. It was Linda Johnson who demanded a shelter be set up immediately for the victims. It was Linda Johnson who worked to acquire cots for the shelter.

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It was Linda Johnson who helped set up those cots, who worked the disaster the entire night, who left at dawn to get a shower and was right back on the scene—without having sleep—to meet with Gov. Kaine for an onsite tour, and who then worked hands-on with the victims. It was Linda Johnson, in her blue jeans, helping all those wonderful volunteers to clean up the debris.

There is no doubt Linda Johnson is all about the people in this city.

Finally, as I go out to vote, I will remember that it was Linda Johnson who pushed to get rid of the “good ol’ boy” system of appointing a mayor, and to allow citizens to vote for their choice of mayor.

My first vote for an elected mayor will go to the woman who was bold enough, wise enough and strong enough to open our city’s giant can of worms and face the challenges of sorting out what is good for Suffolk and its citizens and what needs to change.

My vote is for Linda Johnson.