Chill out, Rhode Island

Published 10:58 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think it’s safe to assume you all are just as excited as I am that gas prices have come down from the brink of ridiculousness and are now instead hovering around the borderline insane mark.

Insane being perhaps the best word to use, considering people are doing just about anything to fill up on some cheap gas.

This week a woman in Rhode Island attacked a man at a gas station with a bacon pan and a hatchet after she thought he was trying to get in front of her in line to get the new, cheap gas.

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Oh, Rhode Island.

Here’s the best part (well, actually, worst part): The guy wasn’t even trying to get in front of her; he was going through the parking lot to a different part of the station all together.

According to a television report from a local station, the attacker and two family members got out of their vehicle to yell at the man for cutting (no pun intended) in front of them.

Apparently, she did not like his response.

She hit him with her bacon pan and her cousin grabbed a hatchet to begin to attack the guy – which led our graphic design guy, Troy Cooper, to make an excellent point: Who has a bacon pan and a hatchet just sitting in their car?

Anyway, the woman’s father was interviewed by the television station, and said he was riding by the gas station when he saw his daughter in handcuffs.

He also said he was sorry that his daughter acted out in such a way because he has always tried to “teach her to be productive.”

Now, while I would like to think this incident is an isolated one and not indicative of how Rhode Islanders would act as a whole, the television report didn’t give me a lot of confidence.

Man-on-the-street interviews included a couple of people who said this behavior is to be expected when you “spend your whole paycheck on gas” and that “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

No, Rhode Island, no.

I don’t care how high gas prices get; it’s never OK to use kitchen utensils and tools to get your tank filled. It’s not OK.

If you find yourself in the situation where you think you might snap and grab your culinary tools to do some bad, just remember that gas prices are for a day; a felony conviction is forever.