Debranski an impressive pick

Published 9:43 pm Friday, October 24, 2008

Michael Debranski, running in Suffolk’s first mayoral election, introduced himself to me in a classroom in 1972 during his teaching and coaching years at Suffolk High. He was a part of my daily routine during and after school for three years, which is when he earned my trust and respect.

In the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to get reacquainted with him and have learned that he has been very successful during his careers as a teacher, coach, principal, school board member and businessman. His educational background, work history and accomplishments are impressive.

He attributes much of his success to a philosophy of addressing issues with open and candid discussions, doing a thorough evaluation of the issues, and coming up with multiple suggestions of viable solutions to problems.

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We deserve that kind of attitude and open policy in city government. Mr. Debranski will bring that philosophy to the table, along with his years of experience working with school administrators, school board members and business associates.

Integrity, honesty and commitment are the minimum qualifications we should expect of any of our elected officials. The citizens of Suffolk will elect a mayor for the first time, and it’s important that the best-qualified candidate is elected.

Look past the hype and the billboards and make an informed decision based on the candidate’s accomplishments, opinions and plans for leading Suffolk.

My earlier personal association with Mr. Debranski and his achievements since 1972 are the basis for my decision to vote for him. I am confident he will make valuable contributions as mayor in guiding our city government towards controlling economic and residential growth, developing plans for infrastructure improvements and providing oversight on spending.

Do a little research on all the candidates. Several websites will provide you with accurate information, newspaper articles are available and open public forums put candidates in front of voters. I urge you to do your homework, try to meet, listen to or read about the candidate’s views and make an informed decision when you get behind the curtain.