A hidden jewel

Published 10:13 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last evening, it was my pleasure to finally totally satisfy my palate at the Mosaic Café.

Being a widower for the last 10 years, not being able to cook, I cannot boil water correctly and refused to wash dishes not use paper plates, I’ve dined at every restaurant in your city, including the city fathers gem (the Hilton). Having head chef, Mr. Jerry Bennett, as my closest friend and adopted brother, to the caliber, that he was agreed to be my best man in my prayful spring wedding, provided my bride to be can wait that long. Ha! Ha!

Owner Jeanette has outdone any interior designer to my knowledge with the most pleasant design, tablecloths and lighting, waitress Whitney, a young angelic and cute, recommended the golden beef medallions, covered with a special sauce, created by Chef Bennett. The total dining experience taking the queen, atmosphere, service, and the service into consideration, not to mention the entrée being absolutely delicious and this total.

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I passed waitress my card and even though extremely busy, came to my table, greeted me with an embrace and ask for my constructive comments, of which, there were none. The experience was very pleasant and very economical as the check including gratuity was under $25.

Reservations are encouraged should I, Jonette, Chef Bennett and the entire staff hope to see you soon when that special event.

This hidden jewel is located behind the Suffolk Arts and Cultural Center.