Bringing about change

Published 10:36 pm Friday, November 14, 2008

More than a week after America’s most historic presidential election ever, I am still happy, proud and thankful that what I had believed would come to pass actually did. Wasn’t it just amazing to watch Americans rise up in love, admiration and celebration when it was announced that Sen. Barack Obama had won the election?

It is now our responsibility to do our part to help bring about the change we were all hoping for. We, too, must have the “audacity of hope” that President-Elect Obama built his life around in preparing for the day he could use his God-given talents to change American for the better.

He has brought the country a new hope, a hope that we will live up to the proclamation “… that all men are created equal….” We are all Americans and deserve equal opportunities, treatment and respect.

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The country’s economic condition is at a historic low. Isn’t it ironic that the first African-American president in history has been elected at this time? Think of the responsibility that will rest on his shoulders. First the task of trying to rebuild the economy; then to restore a sense of honor, integrity, trust and respect, not just in the U.S., but throughout the world.

A wide margin of voters chose the new president, implying that people are truly ready for change. However, let us use common sense and try not to rush change that will take the efforts of the best combined minds.

The trouble the nation is experiencing did not occur overnight; neither can it be corrected overnight. It will take time to effect the necessary policies and plans.

Neither Obama nor any other candidate can magically untangle the web of corruption that has been created. I believe he has the ability, wisdom and courage not only to address these situations, but also to get them resolved. But he cannot do this without strong, reliable, outspoken and active support form the leaders we send to Washington.

Since this election, I am sure many of you do not believe God is still in control of our lives. I believe it was God’s plan that Barack Obama was born to the parents he had, in the place he was born, at the time he was born. His life experiences prepared him to accept the will of God.

He has accepted this call to service with grace, dignity and strong faith and hope. Change will open minds to a brighter, more inclusive and trustworthy nation of people, living together with a desire to improve our relationship with others. Through Obama, we can restore credibility to the office of the president.

Let us be supportive and do our part to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to make history we will be proud of for many years to come.