It’s cold outside, but the heat is on at the Suffolk Family YMCA

Published 9:40 pm Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If you have listened to your weather forecast, you’ve probably noticed that the temperature is definitely dropping. It is getting colder and the sun is setting earlier. So what does this mean for you???It means that you need to work out INSIDE at the Suffolk Family YMCA!!!!

You don’t have to fight the elements. Rain, cold, snow, darkness, sleet….whatever might be happening outside this winter won’t matter for you, because you can be warm and toasty INSIDE at the Suffolk Family YMCA! Weather doesn’t have to be the reason you stop your workout or the reason you don’t BEGIN one!!

Come by today and check out all the new equipment we just got in. That’s right – you told us what you wanted and we listened! Based on the feedback we gathered from over 500 surveys at the Cardio Fitness Equipment Show held in September, new equipment was installed at the Suffolk Family YMCA this past Friday, December 12th. Most of the new machines offer adjustable fans and Personal Viewing Screens to watch content from iPods or cable television.

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We will be glad to personally show you how to use each machine so you feel comfortable and confident. Our Fitquest Coaches are available to help you learn the ins and outs of the new machines.

Stop by the Suffolk Family YMCA to view the new equipment and get information on membership. Gift certificates are also available for membership and programs this holiday season, offering you the opportunity to give the gift of health. As the new year fast approaches the YMCA is hoping you will – resolve to be involved at the Suffolk Family YMCA!

Below you will find a list of the new equipment we have in store for you and some of the features:

9 Expresso recumbent bikes

Simulates the experience of biking outdoors, offering a unique workout that can be customized.

These bikes can also be found in Child Care and the Interactive Zone for your child’s enjoyment.

4 Precor AMTs with Personal Viewing Screen

The AMT does more than customize a workout, it customizes a movement — adapting to your motion — which means you can completely change the motion and paths of your steps without so much as the push of the button.

All AMTs feature a personal viewing screen for cable television enjoyment.

4 additional Cybex Arc Trainers

The Arc Trainer engages the right muscles – quads and glutes – that demand lots of energy from the body when they are called upon to work. That means calorie burn and, because the Arc is demanding of the muscles – not the joints, it can be used longer without putting a strain on the knees, hip or back.

Personal viewing screens with IPOD docking station will be added in January to each machine.

3 Star Trac Cross Trainers with Personal Viewing Screen

This machine provides the unique benefit of choosing either a pulling or pushing upper body motion to offer a total body workout or disengage Upper Body Arms to provide a targeted, lower body workout.

1 Star Trac Stair Climber with a Personal Viewing Screen

This machine features Soft Trac® pedals that provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout so you will be able to work out longer without the soreness.

Motivational Workout Programs including Famous Steps, which allows users to select from 9 famous landmarks from around the world including the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramid and the Empire State Building during the course of their workout.

7 Star Trac Treadmills with Personal Viewing Screen and IPOD Docking Stations

Run or walk inside while enjoying your favorite show on your own personal viewing screen.

Features a USB port where you can charge your Blackberry and listen to music.