Get your message out

Published 8:41 pm Saturday, December 20, 2008

We all know the story by now – banks are in trouble and domestic car companies are on the verge of imminent bankruptcy. Sure, those two industries are getting the most attention, and perhaps duly so. However, there are plenty of other businesses who would benefit from a bail out of some kind.

Media companies have seen their share of lower profits and declining stock values. Retailers, too, are feeling the brunt of the economy and, unlike the big boys, there is no bail out in sight, no one handing over cash to help them make their payroll or utility bills. Instead, small to medium size businesses are left to fend for themselves. And that’s OK – we’ll be better for it in the long run.

Our economy thrives because of successes and failures of businesses. I, for one, am a little hesitant on bailing out some of these businesses. The “one’s failure ensures another’s success” sort of thinking applies.

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And although the printed newspaper has taken a hit, we still believe there’s a place for us, and more importantly, the services we provide continue to be vital to each community we serve.

Without local newspapers, a community would lack the news and information that’s relevant and affects our everyday lives. Whether times are good or bad, people deserve to know what is occurring within their city governments, schools and health care.

And the newspaper’s ability to spread an advertiser’s message continues to be strong. In fact, although paid circulation has declined at newspapers across our country, statistics prove that “readership” has increased. Coupling the print edition with the electronic version, most every newspaper has more readers than ever before.

For Suffolk, I’d like to think we are one of the few newspapers that are doing better than we were before. That’s not to say we are exceeding budgets and making tons of money, but we aren’t up for sale and there hasn’t even been the thought of shutting our doors.

In fact, we’d like to think that we still can inform and entertain our readers and deliver an advertiser’s message better than any other advertising medium. Reaching more readers than any other newspaper in Suffolk on a daily basis provides us the means of doing so.

Unfortunately, small to medium size businesses cut their advertising budgets at the first sign of distress. Now that we are in a full-blown recession, many businesses have removed all thoughts relative to advertising. That’s a horrible decision. History teaches us that those who continue to advertise during the tough times are the ones who end up on top when the economy comes full circle – and it will come full circle and be as vibrant as before, if not stronger.

If you’re a business owner or manager and have wondered what to do in these tough times, I’ve got one word for you. Advertise. You don’t have to use our newspaper, but each and every business, more importantly now than ever, needs to be spreading the word about what they have to offer and why they are better than their competitors. Not doing so is a recipe for disaster.