Don’t let Hillary back into the White House

Published 9:27 pm Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How soon we forget. All good politicians know and rely on the fact that voters have short memories.

Now is the best time we will ever have to start diaries or scrapbooks, so that in the future we can look back and remember how the current gang taking over our country has degraded and lessened the witness of America throughout the world.

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen the first manifestation of what the new administration will be like. I predict that the governor of Illinois will be in the headlines for a few weeks and then be forgotten. Although he is not part of the Obama administration, he is the first to have dirty linen shaken out to embarrass the next president. He will be remembered for that.

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Who will be the first cabinet member or high-ranking official to be let go? Most of those chosen by Obama are Clinton retreads. Most of them had a singular talent for screwing up when they worked for the Clintons. Why would we believe now that they are on the side of our country?

My money is on Hillary Clinton to be the first to leave, unless someone is caught with his hand in the bailout bag. Hillary is not suitable in any way to represent America as Secretary of State.

While in the White House, Hillary reportedly informed military personnel assigned to the White House not to wear their uniforms to work, because she and Bill “loathed” the military. The second year they were there, she reportedly had a Christmas tree decorated with condoms and other sexually suggestive items.

Is this the person you want to represent your country to foreign governments? I sure don’t. To illustrate the Clintons’ disrespect for America, consider that when they moved out of the White House, their people reportedly trashed computers, files, word processors and whole offices to make things difficult for the incoming administration.

When the Clintons moved to their new home in New York, they helped themselves to valuable furniture for their new home. This was out-and-out theft. An alert White House archivist helped assure those items were returned to their rightful places.

This is a very short account of how the Clintons disrespected our country. Many of the claims — and more — can be found in the book “Unlimited Access,” by former FBI agent Gary Aldrich.