Improving Hall Place

Published 8:16 pm Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Many friends and neighbors have taken the time to express their sincere thanks to Hall Place Community Association for once again making Hall Place Park festive by decorating our special Christmas tree and placing a beautiful holiday arrangement on top of our Hall Place sign.

We recognize that our friends and neighbors take pride in their neighborhood during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, at our National Night Out celebration and all year long. (Later this year, we will be celebrating Hall Place’s 100th birthday.) Our folks also know that HPCA is rock-solid and always there for them, with no hidden agendas.

Founded in 1988, on the principles of honesty, integrity and compassion for all residents, HPCA strives to help each of our neighbors to grow and prosper in our neighborhood, on his or her own reasonable, respectful and law-abiding terms. \Our neighborhood is diverse, and all “good neighbors” are welcome.

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Most people in Hall Place, or any neighborhood for that matter, want to have good neighbors. The first step on that road is to be a good neighbor. What they don’t want is unnecessary restraints or restrictions hampering positive growth.

We are bringing trust and harmony back, on our terms, because that is what the people overwhelmingly want and need.

Get to know your neighbors. There are a lot of good people just down the street, who share the need to make some new friends. Let’s get busy getting to know each other. After all, friendships are established one at a time, and then we build on that. It’s a real good thing!