‘Angels among us’ in Suffolk

Published 8:35 pm Monday, January 19, 2009

I would like to relate a true good-Samaritan story involving a Suffolk resident that occurred two weeks ago during the night we had that tremendous storm with gale-force winds and rain.

I have a neurological condition that is kept under control with medication. I forgot to get my refill in time that day and knew I was most likely heading into a night of incredible pain.

I called my pharmacy, Bennetts Creek Pharmacy, and they said not to worry — they would contact my physician and in the meantime would loan me a couple of pills to get me through the night.

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The storm tied me up in Hampton, and I called back to ask if they could leave the medicine outside, because they would be closed before I could get there. I was told not to worry; someone would be there.

I finally got to the store and knocked on the door. Because of the wind and rain, no one could hear me. I tried again and again, but I got no answer. I went next door and picked up a few groceries and resigned myself to the fact I was in for a tough night.

When I left the grocery store, I saw the lights were now out in the pharmacy, so I drove around back. A van was there, so I blew the horn, and the door opened.

The owner, Chris Jones, had waited more than two hours to give me the medicine and couldn’t hear me at the door because of the storm. Two hours, just so I wouldn’t have to be in pain that night!

His kindness brought me to tears. That kind of compassion is rare, and certainly deserves to be in the spotlight.

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to him for caring like he does and for showing us there are angels among us.

Stacey Waller