Broken odometer

Published 11:14 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

Have you ever wondered why good seems to follow you? Just think, have things turned out for you positively that were intended to have bad endings? You know…have you experienced a closed door during the crisis of economic inflation but really it positioned you to something better, such as you owning a business? Have you experienced a break-up, but actually it only turned out to be a set-up for true destiny, such as you meeting your husband or your wife? Have you had a Joseph or Job experience? I would like you to go back to when you asked this question, “May you do me a favor?”

We all have asked that question before not even realizing the depth that it really has. God’s Favor is much more than borrowing money to pay a bill, or using someone’s car to go out on a date. God’s favor is exactly what it is, FAVOR. In HIS favor there is grace, forgiveness, abundant blessings and mercy. Let me give you a personal example of God’s favor.

Just the other day while on my way to work, I was in my van praising the LORD JESUS in such a great way listening to Israel Houghton. Then the unlikely happened… I was pulled over by a Suffolk police officer. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” he said politely. “Well, I guess for speeding sir!” I replied. “Well, you were going 79 in a 60 mph zone,” he informed. Now at this time I was disappointed at myself because it’s wrong to break the law, but I immediately began to pray for favor. Yes, I prayed that this ticket will only be a warning, but it was better than that, it was a lesson I quickly learned. YES he did his job and gave me a ticket, but it was for disobeying a road sign instead of speeding (mercy). The odometer in the van that was given to my wife and I (abundant blessings) was broken. So I was not aware of my speed, but I was only one mile away from reckless driving (grace).

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Wow! This is the lesson. There are sins that we are not even aware of that we commit because the odometer in our mind is broken. There are things that we do that place us in the category of almost being reckless, but GOD’s forgiveness and mercy covers those sins and instead of us paying the penalty that is due, HE gives us chance after chance after chance. Most of us spend too much time complaining about our ticket, or the card that life has dealt us that we overlook the favor of GOD that is present. Remember this: “there is something good in every situation!” Next time smile at your opposition because *that’s* your ticket to an open door!