Confronting the ‘what-nows”

Published 11:10 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

Ever get that feeling, right after the Super Bowl, when you realize that the football season is actually over? And outstretched in front of you are days and days without any real sports-oriented gratification?

I am not a real big basketball fan. And I feel like I’ve exhausted every one of my hobbies for a while. So, sadly, I am confronted with the annually dreaded “what-nows”—the annual acquisition of new interests in my life.

This is usually the time of year when I start saying to myself, “Okay, now’s the time to start improving my life.” Winter’s chill will soon give way to spring warmth, and the necessity to go outside will strike me for some unknown reason. Shall I take up bicycling, golf, running?

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I really do hope to become more of an outdoor person this time around. It’s just that I wish I didn’t actually have to go outside to do it. I’m afraid I’ve become a lot less rugged than a man probably ought to be.

But I know the main goal for me in confronting the “what-nows” is getting exercise. I’m fairly convinced now that every bone in one’s body should not crack and creak on the way to bathroom in the morning. And muscles are meant to be taut and ready to perform a task, not rest in a squishy, gooey, warm-chewing-gum-like state.

I also intend to get the most exercise indoors as I can. I’ve been thinking about getting something like a Nintendo Wii Fit, for those who want to exercise on some hi-tech level and not be seen out in public in a bright red Speedo.

Also, if it is video game, I can convince myself that I am just fooling around and not actually burning calories. My body sometimes needs to be tricked into shape.

Factoring in the reality that I have two weddings to attend this year, where I will be expected to shove myself into tuxedos, I know that this has to be my most effective battle with the “what-nows” that I have ever had, if for no other reason than to save my buddies’ wedding photos from being dominated by my very full presence.

So, it’s officially time to turn off the television, get out there, and start making a difference in my health. And may I suggest the same to others as the weather gets nicer. We can all do it together. I’m sure our bodies will thank us for it sometime.

But as for right now, my body can’t wait for NFL kickoff 2009.