Time for another tea party

Published 9:24 pm Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the famous words of Earl Pitts, “It makes me so sick that I just wanna throw-up — Wake up, America!”

I tried to watch the Oscars on Sunday evening. However when the Milk writer won his Oscar and 10 minutes of fame, instead of thanking everyone, he started to shovel his homosexual agenda down the viewers’ throats. My wife and I started gagging and changed the channel. Thank God for remotes! Then on Monday morning I heard that Sean Penn won an Oscar for the same film, and he also ranted.

This show just seems to be the cherry on the cake for the first few weeks of what seems to be the sound of a once-great God-fearing nation going down the toilet. The government — or more precisely Congress and our great new so-called leader — seem to want to rob the working class of America and give to the lazy-poor Americans and illegal aliens.

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I feel as if my body is hovering in the air as I watch the pot slowly boil, and only a few are shouting a warning. Oh God, where have the moral and righteous people in America gone? Are they in Iraq and Afghanistan defending us? They certainly are not in Hollywood or in the Congress of the United States!

There are some Americans who don’t have blinders on or bleat like sheep. Thomas Jefferson may have been correct when referring to the need for more Boston Tea Parties!