Enjoy Restaurant Week

Published 10:17 pm Monday, March 16, 2009

For anyone who has never eaten at any of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week, please take this opportunity to enjoy one of these fine Suffolk establishments.

The nine participating restaurants are Amici’s Italian Restaurant, Constant’s

Wharf Grill, George’s Steak House, Mosaic by Holland’s, Pisces Seafood, Primo

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116 Bistro Italiano, River Stone Chophouse, Sushi Aka and Vintage Tavern.

I personally have eaten at four of these restaurants (I won’t reveal which ones, to avoid offending the others). I don’t believe that there is anywhere else on earth (besides maybe New York City) where there is such a concentration of talented chefs, delectable food and well-run restaurants.

During Suffolk Restaurant Week, March 21-28, the nine participating restaurants offer a deluxe restaurant week menu ($10 for lunch, $20 for dinner) or a premier restaurant week menu ($15 for lunch, $30 for dinner). Each selection includes an appetizer, entrée and dessert.

Last year, the News-Herald newsroom staff had a ball sampling the food the different restaurants had to offer. We each took turns going out to get the food and paying for it; then we brought the food back to the office and chowed down. We feasted on wonderful soups, sandwiches, desserts and other deliciously tasty food that we might not otherwise have had the chance to try. I’m sure that we didn’t get any work done that week.

Restaurant Week is the perfect time to try a new dish, a new restaurant, or a restaurant that is otherwise too expensive for your budget. In these hard times, couples can still satisfy their need to dine out through Restaurant Week’s incredible deals. If you go during lunch, get the cheaper option and get water to drink, you’ll only spend $20, before the tax and tip, for an appetizer, entrée and dessert. When else can you say that?

So, March 21-28, make it a point to stop in at a new restaurant for lunch or dinner. You’ll be amazed by the pizza at Amici’s, the chicken at Constant’s Wharf Grill, the steak at George’s Steak House, the sandwiches at Mosaic, the salmon at Pisces, the pasta at Primo 116, the cuts of beef at River Stone Chophouse, the Japanese fusion at Sushi Aka and the pork at Vintage Tavern.