Save Obici’s home and his legacy

Published 9:09 pm Saturday, May 30, 2009

I just read your article about The Obici House. Great job!

Amedeo Obici was my great uncle, and I am the only living relative who remembers the wonderful holidays, outings and stays with him at Bay Point Farm. It would break my heart to see his home and name erased from Suffolk.

Uncle Amedeo had a vibrant personality. He had a deep love for family and friends. He and his wife, Louisa, gave their love to the people of Suffolk. They not only gave their love, they also gave their fortune; in my uncle’s will he left virtually all (98 percent) of his estate to the people of Suffolk through the Louisa Obici Memorial Hospital, and now, through the Obici Foundation.

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Amedeo Obici, Planter’s Peanuts, and the Louisa Obici Memorial Hospital put Suffolk on the map.

The house, which I visited just before Easter, is in need of repair. Considering, however, that the property has been neglected for many years — except for a coat of paint here and there — it is in fairly good shape. The basement is bone dry, the foundation walls (except for the screened porch) are sound, and the roof is probably salvageable. The water damage seems to be from gutter and downspout problems.

The house was built by Italian craftsmen and built to withstand the ages. Rome still stands, and so does he Obici House.

Not to belabor the facts, but I want to thank you and your paper for your excellent coverage and to thank all the people of Suffolk for their friendship, their respect for my Uncle and their efforts to save a significant and important part of the City’s history and heritage.