Why waste effort on speeders?

Published 9:07 pm Saturday, May 30, 2009

There have been a lot of banks and credit unions getting robbed lately. My question is this: Are the police only concerned with people who break the law by speeding?

It seems that the person who overslept or is running behind, trying to get to work to make an honest living is the only one the police are trying to catch.

Why are they stationed at places like Obici Hospital, the Armory and the side of Food Lion, across from the hospital? I’ve never heard of much going on in those places.

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Why are they sitting off the shoulder of the highway, waiting to give a ticket to an innocent person who might be caught up in the struggles of everyday life, whose mind may have wandered for a minute, causing him not to pay his speed any attention?

The bank robbers have all the time in the world to escape, just like they have been doing. It seems like the police could be stationed someplace that would benefit the public more.

It seems like easy money, sitting in the car, running the air conditioner and watching the traffic in a neighborhood that is always crime-free.

Why not send these strong, ready-to-serve policemen to the projects or some high-crime areas?