Rural areas ‘always last or forgotten’

Published 9:48 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The whole economy thing is getting a lot of people down. I know that I would like to know where my money is going every month.

The fact that my bills are going up but my check is not is very depressing. But one thing that is really irritating me at the moment is our tax dollars.

Anyone who has a “paying” job pays taxes. We are taxed for schools, we have city tax, food taxes and more.

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If we all pay city tax, then why is it that the grass on the roadways is not cut on a regular basis?

Last year my road was rebuilt. Rountree Construction came in and did a wonderful job on our road. The sharp curve was taken out, the road was “leveled,” the ditches were done. It looks really nice. They finished up back in august.

Well, now here it is summer again, and the road out here looks like, well, yuck! I believe tax dollars were spent to get this road done. Why is it that we taxpayers paid out the money to have such a wonderful road redone, but no one can come out here to keep the ditches clean?

There is still flooding on this road after a hard rain, and the grass in the ditches is so high that you could hide a car in it. the high grass also contibutes to “critters” in the ditches, and the mosquitoes are awful out here.

Unlike the “city,” we do not get spray out here. For the most part, we either have to make our kids play indoors, or they have to be sprayed down several times while out.

I think it is pretty sad that the city would go through great lengths to fix a road to have it look the way it does.

I guess that is the luxury that comes with living in a rural area. We are always last or forgotten.