The learning curve of moving

Published 9:43 pm Thursday, July 16, 2009

It is always interesting moving into an unfamiliar area.

There’s the normal learning curve such as the roads, the restaurants and landmarks. And, over the past two weeks, my wife and I have worked our best to better familiarize ourselves with the area and the rest of the Hampton Roads area.

This past weekend, we – and apparently thousands of our closest friends – made a trip to the Virginia Beach area and learned that a mid-summer Saturday morning is not the time to make such a trip. Maybe October would be a better time.

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There’s also the random 64s issue. There’s the 264, 664 and just plain 64. As an even number Interstate they normally travel east and west. But, I’ve learned that these 64s cover the area and cover the compass.

But, just in the past few days did I get the one question that would have been instantly asked if someone had moved to my home state – Alabama.

“So who are you going to root for? Virginia or Virginia Tech?”

Actually, from the person that asked, it was “So who are you going to root for? Virginia or the other school?”

In Alabama you are born and on your birth certificate there are a number of items requiring to be filled out. There’s the name of the child, name of the parents, weight, length and date of birth.

And, in Alabama, there’s another: Alabama or Auburn.

So, when asked such a question in a new state, not understanding the dynamic of this in-state rival, there’s a certain level of anxiety that is felt.

When it comes to that decision, I would rather handle the 64s and Virginia Beach traffic. Based on my experiences, it’s safer.