Bulk trash fee is just another tax

Published 8:27 pm Monday, July 27, 2009

The city began charging for built trash pickup this month, which was just another tax imposed by our city government.

When the budget was being worked on, the city manager stated that no employees would lose their jobs. We were paying six employees to pick up bulk waste. We already had the boom trucks. Why was the new fee imposed on those of us who bought the trucks and paid those who operate them?

Shouldn’t we taxpayers get some city services for all the money we give the city every year?

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During a recent council meeting, the mayor said we should cut up our yard waste and stuff it in the large trash cans issued by the city to avoid paying the $20 pickup fee.

The problem here is that the city has never issued those of us in the southern part of Suffolk a large trash can. Repeal this tax, and issue everyone a large trash can.