It’s time to clean up City Council

Published 3:25 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here we go again. Mayor Linda Johnson has made the news again by way of her husband. Now, the citizens of Suffolk have become privy to an investigation into the legal maneuverings of Jesse Johnson as they apply to the family land transfer ordinance.

I wonder: If asked, will the mayor deny all knowledge of her husband’s dealings with anyone connected with the Manning Farm or any other litigation involving the family transfer ordinance, even though she has argued against revising the ordinance?

Will we, the citizens, once again believe what the Mayor has to say, just as we believed her the last time she was in the news as a player in the Maria Kattman firing?


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What does the mayor do for a living? She is a long-time, seasoned real estate professional who works the Suffolk market. It seems that she would know that Suffolk is the only city in Virginia with the family transfer law on the books.

And considering her success in real estate, shouldn’t she have known what would happen to assessments when Kattman told her that she was going to reassess all waterfront property? How could she feign surprise when the assessments significantly increased on those properties?

When are we Suffolkians going to get tired of our politicians being grossly disingenuous and insisting on treating the voting public as a bunch of ignoramuses? What is it going to take to clean up City Council?