Obama’s plan is the best on the table

Published 10:16 pm Saturday, October 3, 2009

How far will the Republicans go with their lies to stall the health care bill? The lady next to me in the emergency room at Chesapeake General Hospital several years ago probably would demand an answer to the question.

She was a 58-year-old woman who didn’t qualify for Medicaid, because her income was a few hundred dollars over the Medicaid limit. Nor could she afford a secondary insurance to Medicare.

She couldn’t go to a doctor, because she could not pay. If she became ill, the emergency room was the only option. Of course, the hospital only attended to her. No matter how ill she was, the hospital didn’t admit her because she had insufficient insurance.

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My God, this woman didn’t care about the politics of the day. She only wanted a decent health care plan.

Republicans, I’m waiting on you all to come up with a better alternative plan than the president’s, a plan that offers stability and security to those who fall between the cracks, normally the under employed or middle-class citizens who are now unemployed.

We had eight years of George Bush, who did nothing. If anything, he made Medicare worse for seniors under the pharmacy plan.

I have a primary plan through my job and a secondary plan under my husband’s plan. I guess I’m highly blessed.

I don’t fear the president’s health care bill. I embrace it, especially for those who are not as blessed as I am with adequate health insurance.

I don’t think insurance companies will go out of business. They will find another avenue to make money under the Obama health care plan.