FOX News stands up to the president

Published 5:58 pm Friday, October 30, 2009

Instead of fulfilling empty promises made by the president over the course of his campaign and election, the White House has decided to put its time and effort into fighting a battle against its most deadly and dangerous opponent.

Armed with facts and unashamed to fight against the President with his own personal words and the truth, FOX news has proved to be the one media outlet that has not been hypnotized by the smooth-talking head in a suit.

The White House has tried to get people and other news stations to not follow FOX news, saying that it “is not a news organization” and by continually refusing to provide White House officials or statements to FOX News.

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Why does the White House have such a problem with a network that millions of Americans watch daily? Yes, they have people that go against the President and disagree with his opinions and ideas, but in retrospect, these same news anchors disagreed with many of George W. Bush’s plans and actions.

The way I see it, CNN had its fair share of liberal bobbleheads that the Bush administration still had to work with. I cannot even fathom the opposition that he would have faced if he had tried to tell the country that a network with different opinions from his was wrong.

Luckily, Fox is not standing alone. Fellow anchors on ABC and CNN are picking up on this, and they all seem to share one common thought: that the treatment of FOX News is wrong.

It is truly scary to think that one man in control of a country can go against a network just because the network disagrees with him. Wasn’t our country founded upon the ability to have differences and debates?

This childish battle of Obama v. FOX has got to end if he has any chance of getting the nation to unite, which was his original plan, anyway. Let’s remember, he still has quite a bit of time left in office, to my dismay.

So come on Obama, get your act together. And for those of us Republicans left in the world, Fox News is not just a news channel but the source of the brightest political minds that our country has to offer. You can bet I will be a faithful fan and supporter for my news team.

Mr. President, what ever happened to free speech?