Fast facts about Va. community colleges

Published 2:11 pm Thursday, November 5, 2009

Derived from our parent website, information in today’s column focuses on the Virginia Community College System, of which Paul D. Camp is proud to be a member.

At community colleges across the state, students can earn an associate’s degree and then transfer to one of Virginia’s four-year institutions — at less than half the average cost of tuition and fees at a four-year college.

Or they can embark on a path to a new, rewarding career through workforce programs that provide technical preparation, career readiness certificates and on-the-job training through apprenticeships.


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Virginia’s community colleges deliver high-quality education and workforce training throughout the state, with programs and courses to serve the distinct demands of every region.

Fast Facts

With 40 campuses located throughout the state, Virginia’s Community Colleges are committed to serving Virginia families and helping them acquire the knowledge and skills to seize the opportunities of today and tomorrow. Following are some fast facts underscoring what our community colleges are doing by the numbers:

262,444 — The number of students being served by Virginia’s Community Colleges this year.

60 — The percentage of Virginia’s public undergraduate college students who were enrolled in Virginia’s Community Colleges in fall 2008.

18,400 — The number of degrees, diplomas and certificates earned last year at Virginia’s Community Colleges.

1/3 — The average tuition and fees at Virginia’s Community Colleges ($2,584 in 2008-09), compared to the same tuition and mandatory fees at Virginia’s public four-year institutions ($7,582).

32,550 — The number of high school juniors and seniors earning college credit while in high school through Virginia’s Community College dual enrollment courses.

65 — The percentage of Virginia Community College graduates who pursue a bachelor’s degree.

25+ — The number of Virginia public and private four-year colleges and institutions that have signed Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with Virginia’s Community Colleges, assuring baccalaureate degree access to associate degree graduates.

243,000 — The number of people who participate in workforce training programs at Virginia’s Community Colleges.

8.6 to 1 — The benefit/cost ratio of customized and open enrollment workforce courses and programs at Virginia’s Community Colleges.

46 — The ratio of new registered nurses in Virginia who earned their degree at Virginia’s Community Colleges in 2007-2008.

$3.80 — The return on investment for every dollar spent at Virginia’s Community Colleges.

For information on options available at your community college, call 569-6700, or visit