Finding meaning in the storm

Published 10:15 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The storm is finally gone, but it left us with something to hold on to. What a lesson on life we can learn from this powerful act of God.

When we think of storms we usually think of destruction, damages, loss of personal possessions and even deaths. But let’s look at it from a different perspective.

Storms are driven by strong winds that can move things around if they are not stable and grounded. Your personal storm may have moved the wrong people or the wrong job or the wrong “could have been mistake — I mean spouse” out of your yard.


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No one replants the tree that the wind knocked over; they chop it up and get rid of it. Stop trying to hold on to debris; burn it and move on.

Storms reveal who is with us and who is truly not. Sure, everyone is around when the sun is out and life is as good as gravy, but storms reveal the trees whose roots are shallow.

Also, storms send rain, and this rain will bring floods. Isn’t it something that months prior to the storm we hear about a drought (recession)? And during the season of a drought, people start to panic and try to go out and get as much work as possible, but when it rains and floods everything shuts down.

This is when we slow down, stay in the house and watch our Father provide in such a way that we were not able to. He sends assistance.

Finally, storms cover a wide range of geography. That informs us that we are not the only ones that are going through tough times. Your insurance agent (Jesus Christ) will inform you of other cases similar to yours that have been filed.

Don’t question the storm; just pray for understanding of it. Realize that others are either in the same storm or have been where you are. You are not alone. Be strong, but most importantly learn to keep the faith and stand still.

Be Blessed! Daddy loves you!