‘Erosion of morals’ threatens the nation

Published 9:28 pm Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To the editor:

I wish to add to the article published in another paper last week concerning Jeremiah Denton, who was a prisoner of war for eight years during the Vietnam War and has subsequently written several books.

His description about one of his first experiences when returning to the American soil caused me to have a great deal of respect for this 85-year-old gentleman. He said he was worried that America’s eroding morals would cause the nation to be destroyed within the next 200 years.


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I have been very blessed with good family relationships throughout my years. I have expressed my concerns over the erosion of formal education since I was at a school PTA board meeting back in 1960.

When prayer and Bible studies were removed from public schools, education began to weaken. The use of so many electronic devices by children — i.e., text messaging, taking pictures at school with cell phones, etc. — is creating a utopia for Satan.

Every student has access to a telephone to use for emergencies, so I fail to understand the necessity for little children to have cell phones, especially in classrooms.

The filthy language used on many TV shows and the vulgar exposure of the human body are very enticing to young minds, who use these electronic devices to explore much of what they see and hear in the media.

Jeremiah Denton said he will hopes to get Americans to wake up and see how much damage is being done by broken marriages, fatherless families and mothers in the military, who leave their children to be raised by someone else.

Mr. Denton has issued a call to action! Will parents listen to someone who suffered a great deal only to return to a country that is drowning in and wallowing in filthy language, cursing, abusive parents, illegal drug use, alcoholic relatives and friends, promiscuity, and murdering the English language via the use of text messaging.

God help us all! We definitely need the power of God to overtake the mess we have created.