Don’t read too much into it

Published 11:15 pm Saturday, November 21, 2009

For me, there has never been a debate about what is fantasy and reality.

When it has come to life, the line between fact and fiction has often times been very clear to me, which is why what is going on recently is so intriguing.

This past Thursday night, I joined my wife for the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie, “New Moon.”

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In addition to being one of the few – if not only married man there – I felt a little shy, as I was one of the newest to the Twilight story.

Leading up to the showing, Nikki, had suggested we watch the first movie, which I had not seen. I did and enjoyed it. It was an interesting movie, depicting the love story of a compassionate vampire and a high school girl.

The sequel was much more entertaining, advancing the story line to include werewolves and the leaders of the vampire race.

While standing in line, among hundreds of others at Harbor View, I noticed movie fans talking the intricacies of the novels and the minute details of the story lines. I saw fans with movie-themed T-shirts and others taking snapshots on their cell phones, documenting the first night of this much-anticipated release.

This column is in no way intended to besmirch the fans of this movie series, but rather the critics who claim this line of movies to be damaging to society, a bad influence on today’s children.

Religious and social leaders have said the vampire love story is threatening to the psyche of today’s children and damaging to society.

And, to them, I ask do you think that little of the intelligence of the people of today?

Do you really think a majority of those who might view this or any of the upcoming vampire-themed movies will immediately believe that vampires exist and that the only way to control their plans is a pack of werewolves?

Do you really think that little of us?

If I am not mistaken, the young teenage boy sitting next to Nikki and me had no problem separating fact from fiction, reality from fantasy.

Sometimes we shouldn’t so much worry about inner themes or intent of a film, but rather worry about having a good time with friends and family. It is that time with friends and a family that often cures society’s ills.

Now, with that said, I need to watch out for zombies as I head home this evening. They can be a little frisky this time of year.