The way forward in Afghanistan

Published 2:38 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am pleased that after months of evaluating strategy options, President Obama has made a decision on the way forward in Afghanistan. I appreciate our Commander in Chief’s commitment to see that we emerge with a victory in Afghanistan.

While the President’s announcement of a strategy decision tonight is a big step, there are many questions that now must be answered as we move forward. I have continually been concerned with this Administration’s long-term strategic defense planning, especially as it relates to our shipbuilding and aviation plans, where we have seen that strategic planning isn’t happening.

I look forward to asking questions under that backdrop on the strategy of the plan in Afghanistan when Secretary of Defense Gates and Admiral Mullen testify before the House Armed Services Committee this week. I will be looking for details on a strategic plan that will ensure our troops have the equipment and the resources they need to successfully complete the mission that is ahead of them, and for evidence that our nation’s security remains a top priority for this Administration.


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J. Randy Forbes is the U.S. Congressman representing the 4th Congressional District in Virginia, which encompasses Suffolk. He Washington office can be reached by calling 202-225-6365 or by sending an email to