‘Common sense’ dictates warning worries

Published 9:09 pm Friday, December 11, 2009

To the Editor:

For exercise, I usually walk a mile to pick up your paper, and read it at home. Since I am out of work I usually am looking for a job this time of day, but after reading the a column in your Dec. 10 issue, “The convenient truth about Al Gore,” I feel compelled to write.

I have been offended by some of the derogatory comments and portrayals of our president that I found offensive, but today I decided to write to you about this particular article.

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I have respect for our elected officials, even if I don’t agree with them. I find the denigration of Al Gore’s character particularly offensive, but the comments about global warming are even more serious.

Even though I have not read all of the documents that the article addresses, it is common sense to know that human behavior has a great affect on this planet, and it makes sense for us to make changes towards conservation. Our grandparents knew that.

This argument reminds me of the tobacco industry, which tried to tell us that cigarette-smoking was not related to cancer. Perhaps climate research may have some flaws. But that is no reason to throw out all of the research.

Linda Fitzgerald