No resolutions, none broken

Published 8:19 pm Saturday, January 2, 2010

This time of year you see a lot more people out running each morning. You see many others ordering salads at lunch rather than the daily special.

And, still you see others, trying their best to not smoke that “last cigarette” or that “next to last cigarette.”

During this season of resolutions – many of which are dedicated to cutting something out of life, I’ve decided to go a different direction.


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I will admit I have made resolutions from year to year, only to see those fall by the wayside about two weeks after making them.

I had such excuses like “it’s too cold to get up this morning and head to the gym,” or “this will be my last glass of sweet tea today.”

And, after a number of failed attempts at resolutions, I made the personal, annual resolution to … not make any more resolutions. And, thank you very much, I have kept that resolution. No resolutions made, no resolutions broken.

But, as I mentioned earlier, this year calls for a different approach, only because this past year has seen so much change in our lives.

Nikki and I have moved to Virginia from Alabama, started new jobs and taken on a number of new projects. We’ve gone from having a lifetime of friends and family a few hours away to having those same friends and family now a two-day drive away.

So this year, I am making resolutions that go to add things to my life, not take things away.

I could resolve to go skydiving this year. Taking advantage of the opportunity we have here to go up with Skydive Suffolk.

There’s no better way to get a whole new perspective of life than going 120 miles per hour straight down.

I could then resolve to go on a guided tour of the Dismal Swamp, learning of the history and impact this geographic wonder has on this area. How interesting would it be to learn more of George Washington’s involvement in surveying the swamp or the impact it had on the area’s Civil War history?

As with any resolution, it’s important to stay focused and committed to the job at hand. Whether it is getting up and running each morning or ordering the fat free dressing at dinner, the goal should be the same; to better yourself in some way.

Happy New Year to everyone and here’s to a great 2010 in a great place to call home.