Obici and council’s ‘hidden agenda’

Published 8:04 pm Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To the editor:

I am surprised and disappointed at the mindset of our city leaders in regards to the Obici House.

This home of Amedeo Obici represents the man (an outstanding entrepreneur) who did so much to make Suffolk what it is today. He continues to help the citizens of Suffolk and surrounding areas.


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Consider the new hospital and the Western Tidewater Free Clinic, which recently moved into a new facility, made possible by the Obici Foundation. Neither would exist now, if not for him.

The mayor and City Council must think the citizens of Suffolk are blind or uninterested if they think we can’t see through their hidden agenda. They should step up and do the morally correct thing by allowing citizens of Suffolk to preserve this wonderful piece of our history at no cost to the taxpayers.

Taxpayer money that the City Council would use to move or demolish the home could be used for citizens in outlying areas. Ditches need to be cleaned out, roads need to be improved so water doesn’t stand on them when it rains, potholes need to be filled, and water and sewer service needs to be extended. These are just a few examples.

Thirty-six years after the merger Nansemond County’s merger with the city of Suffolk, our only benefit is trash pick-up once a week.

People around the world are watching this situation. The City Council and the mayor need to do what is right for the citizens of Suffolk. We’re speaking to them. We want to be heard.

City Council members and the mayor are supposed to represent the citizens of Suffolk. I don’t see that happening here. We will remember these decisions at election time.

Amedeo Obici represents the American Dream.